Call for translators, transcriptors and mentors for them!

The GCI - Google Code-In - has started 2 days ago. The Perl Foundation participates through the heroic work Florian Ragwitz (rafl), Paul Johnson ( pjcj ) and Mark Keating ( mdk )

The dead-line for the first round was extended to 27 November 2011. In the 2 days since it started, I think I saw what is missing. I'd like to ask for your help.


Some of the tasks are translations of the following:

Having translations in your language can be of a great help getting people started. They will have to learn English eventually, but it's a nice help. Especially for younger people.

Mentors in non-English languages

In order to have translations in your language, we first need mentors who speak your language fluently and who would be ready to help a bit.

Once we have that, we will also need students, but as I could see in these two days that's less of a problem.

We need mentors

If you think this is a good cause and you have some time, please sign up.

Here is the process:

  1. Sign up as a mentor on Melange
  2. .
  3. Join the #gci channel on
    If you don't have an IRC client you can follow this link
  4. Talk to Paul Johnson ( pjcj ) or Florian Ragwitz ( rafl ) who can invite  you to the TPF program.
  5. Let them know you are ready to mentor translations. They will probably schedule a few translation tasks to your language and when they need your help, they will let you know.

Once there are a few tasks we can send out another call for students.

English transcriptions

In order to translate the screencasts, first we need the English transcription of the text. That's useful even without translations for people who are not comfortable with my accent.

Currently there are only 3 screencasts with transcription so the translators cannot proceed.

That's where we need your help. We need both students and mentors to do and check the transcriptions.

We need students

If you have a child at home who is 13-17 years old, or if you are between those years, don't hesitate to send him/her to volunteer!

Students need to sign up and then join the IRC channel as explained above and ask around.

I think that's it.

If you'd like to get in the first round you have only 4 days left for that.

Published on 2011-11-23 by Gabor Szabo