German Perl Workshop

Reporting on the 11th German Perl Workshop.

The 11th German Perl Workshop is over and I have not written anything about it. This was the first time I attended and while I met several new people and several old friends I hardly enjoyed the talks. Mostly as I was not even in the auditorium. All the talks were given in German except one.
The one I gave.

That was actually strange. We planned with Steffen Mueller that instead of him I am going to give a 20 min long Padre presentation but then on the first day the organizers asked me if I could fill in instead of a speaker who cancelled a 40 min talk. So I had 60 minutes and wanted to give two talks. Neither of them was ready. So I sat down and during the first few talks have written my Padre talk. Then I wanted to refurbish my Test Automation in Open Source Projects talk but there was no Internet connection in the room so I could not look up things I needed.

Then in the afternoon I suddenly understood that we have the social event in the same evening and I am the first speaker on the next day at 9:00. That means I can expect a half empty auditorium with the other half being present but asleep.

Before I could actually start the talk we noticed that the projector keeps shutting down and only after some fight we opted for changing the resolution on my computer. That solved the problem but I started about 10 minutes late. Which wasn't bad as more people showed up.

The Padre talk went quite well I think and I had about 15 minutes left for the second talk so I had to rush that but the slides are on my site.

So as I wrote I did not understand much from the talks but there were a few things that I should mention here:

Corion has a nice Twitter channel called CPANr where every day he writes a short message about a CPAN module.

There was an article just before the workshop about the future of Perl in German: Die Zukunft von Perl

There is a German Perl Blog site (see also under Deutscher Perl Blog )

There will a Froscon in August that might be interesting to attend. I wonder if they would be interested in the Test Automation in Open Source Projects talk?

Probably a few other things I'll have to remember.

Published on 2009-03-02 by Gabor Szabo