Goal - Mission Statement

If I was a corporation I'd need to create a Mission Statement, but well, besides being a human (as certified by various Captcha provides) I am also a business. I work and I earn money and sometimes I even employ a person or buy their service. (e.g. a hair-dresser, a dentist etc. The usual.)

So I can also have a business statement. Also known as a goal.

Help individual people and teams to improve their skills and processes so they can create better quality software faster while they enjoy their work more. So in the end they will have a better job. All this while I enjoy my work and make enough money to sustain my life.

Primarily I am interested in helping the individual people, but when they work in a company then improving the teamwork also helps the individual, and helping the individuals can improve the velocity of the whole team.

I should probably write down a detailed set of principles, but those were much better written in the Agile manifesto. However unfortunately the word agile got so many false meanings since the manifesto was published that I am not sure using then will help describe my ideas.

I also think that implementing Extreme Programming (XP) practices can help a lot of people an teams, but very few are familiar with the expression and the ones who are usually don't need my help.

Finally I'd say DevOps, but for many people that word is a job-title and not a way of working.