Grant accepted for Integrating Padre with Parrot and Rakudo

Shortly before I finished writing about my Plans for the next month or two I received the news that my grant request for Perl debugger integration in Padre was postponed but the grant request to Integrating Padre with Parrot and Rakudo was accepted.

So while I was quite disappointed that the Debugger grant was postponed I am glad at least one of my proposals got accepted and I'd like to thank the people in as it turns out they are financing it and not TPF.

Actually I am quite surprised and disappointed that TPF did not have the money to finance the quarterly 10,000 USD of grants and that AFAIK they did not say anything about this earlier.

While they have improved TPF still lacks enough transparency. For example why is there no public mailing list with all the TPF officials subscribed where outsiders like me could initiate project publicly?

Anyway, I think TPF should start a fund raising drive similar to that of Wikipedia does. Of course they don't need 6,000,000 USD. They could aim at 100,000 USD. Wait, if they only raised 40,000 USD that would cover the regular grants for the next year. We have plenty of web real estate to promote the fund drive and I believe there are plenty of Perl users who would chip in with USD 10-20 or maybe even more. Or are we afraid that they are all dead?

TPF only needs to decide on it, setup the accounting, write up the list of achievements from the previous grants and create an image we can put on our web sites.

I would be glad to put it on CPAN::Forum and I am quite sure some of the bigger Perl related sites would be ready to do the same.

I would even volunteer to contact all the site maintainers personally and ask them to promote the fund drive.