Gratipay for Perl related projects

Several people commented on my article about making money with a blog both on the page and privately. One of the suggestions was to enable or further encourage micropayments for people who would like to support the work I have been doing.

Gratipay (that was once called Gittip) allows projects to accept ongoing (weekly) donations and divide the money among the team. I run two "teams" there the perl-maven team and the perlweekly team.

Gratipay went through a major change a few months ago which took a toll on the amount of money that flows through their system, but even in the best times, I think the maximum amount I received was $15 / week. It is nice that people give some money, but that amount is not something you can live from.

There was also a time when I tried to promote Gratipay and asked people to support either of my initiatives or for that matter anyone from the Perl community on Gratipay. That did not have a huge impact either.

So I don't think Gratipay will bring in a lot of money, but it probably won't hurt to give it a try again.

So here we go. If you'd like to support my work by giving some money, you can do so by giving me a weekly donation. Either via the Perl Maven team which is only me, or via the Perl Weekly team which should be the 3 editors, but since Gratipay changed the way they work all the money comes to me. (I'll have to find some way to share the income with the other editors.)

I've also included the badge on the top-right side of the Perl Maven site.

Perl related Gratipay teams

If I am writing about this, I'd also like to encourage you to support other projects via Gratipay.

I also like to measure thing so I'll include the current payments each team receives:

pjf (Paul Fenwick)$3.26
The Perl Review (brian d foy)$1.50
davorg (Dave Cross)$0.05
cpan-book (Philippe Bruhat (BooK))$0.20
Act (Philippe Bruhat (BooK))$0.05 (Philippe Bruhat (BooK))$0.05
Perl Weekly (Gabor Szabo)$5.72
Perl Maven (Gabor Szabo)$0.05
Mojolicious (Sebastian Riedel)$13.76

If I've missed any of the Perl-related projects, please let me know.

Donating $2 a week?

Then you might as well subscribe to the Perl Maven Pro. That costs $9 / month and you get a bunch of extra articles!