Happy Birthday and Thank You

Historians can tell you that Perl was first released on 18 December 1987.

It is 26 years old today.

   Hmm, doubtful.  The source code generally wasn't there when I needed it.

   -- Larry Wall when asked if he learned Perl from the perl source

Let me use the opportunity to thank Larry Wall, for creating it in the first place.

The countless people who contributed to it throughout the years, and especially those who are call the Perl 5 Porters and who maintain and further develop Perl 5.

Thank those who don't despair, and work on an alternative future.

Let me also thank all the people who work on CPAN modules or contribute to the Perl ecosystem in other ways.

You are awesome!

Thank you!

Published on 2013-12-18 by Gabor Szabo