Help packaging Padre on Linux and Mac OSX

Riding on top of Strawberry Perl for Windows, now Windows is the easiest platform for Padre installation. Compared to that installing Padre on Linux or Mac OSX is still a headache.

We have several directions on how to improve the situation. Friendly people at Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Mandriva, Fedora and probably elsewhere are working on including Padre in the upcoming releases of those distributions but there are people who would like to try Padre now.

We would like to make their first time experience better by allowing them to download a single file, unzip it and have Padre up and running in minutes.

We have started to work on it and we have outlined our plans but we would love to see some people come along and help with either of these directions.

So if you are into [dist://PAR] packaging, know [dist://Shipwright] or is experienced in building code (perl, Gtk, etc) on Linux or Mac OSX we would love to get your help.

The best way to contact us is via IRC or on our mailing-list.