Help your vendor packaging CPAN modules

People often complain that it is hard to install Catalyst, Padre or Smolder as they have lots of dependencies. I agree its hard.

One of the ways to make it super easy is to get your vendor ( Linux distro ? FreeBSD ? Strawberry Perl ?) to package it.

I have written about this earlier in I hate Net::SSH::Perl and on when writing about Distribution channels and earlier too. Once I put together some ideas at at CPAN::Porters regarding this. Its a bit old. Someone could update it.

In the meantime in the last week or so there were a number of posts discussing related issues:

CPAN RPM Packaging by Nigel Metheringham.

Packaging CPAN Modules for Debian by Hans Dieter Pearcey.

Several posts about cpan2dist and about cpan2pkg by Jerome Quelin.

There is also the cpanrpm mailing list maintained by Dave Cross that should be a good place to discuss how to make downstream packaging of CPAN modules easier (despite its name referring to rpm only)

There seem to be some momentum. So if you need a module on Linux distribution and have some free time to contribute to the community it would be a great help if you stepped in and packaged that module for the specific operating system.