Helping each other, you and Padre

Padre, the Perl IDE is getting better and better in how it can help the Perl programmer but we have a serious lack of explanations and demonstrations on how to use Padre itself.

I am very happy that Peter Lavender has just started to address this issue by adding a new entry to the howto page of Padre on How to get help from Padre? Go ahead, check it out. People who are using Perl less frequently than you do, but who have to maintain your code will find it useful to know that even if they don't remember how to use splice or what does $&, $@ or $+ mean, help is only one keystroke away. --- Padre can really help you now.

How can you help Padre? Besides sitting down and coding, you can help creating similar howto documents or you can take the existing ones and create a screencast based on them.

In general we have a whole page on getting involved in the development of Padre.

Published on 2009-10-05 by Gabor Szabo