How many test harnesses are too many?

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Welcome back

When I started this newsletter I thought I'll be able to send a message every other week. So far I have not been able to do that. In the last couple of months I have been busy by the development of Padre, an IDE for Perl and probably for other languages.

At one point I asked the opinion of the use.perl community and one of the responses, Jozef, who is also a member of this list, pointed out I'd better spend my time writing more about testing than creating an IDE. He certainly is right in the part that I should send out more of these newsletters.

Since then I had several attempts to write a new post but they take a lot of energy and after an hour or two I always drifted back to writing Padre. I am sure those of you who write interesting Open Source code can understand it.

Then suddenly the light came on. I'll have guest posters!

There are so many good people out there with plenty of things to say I'll ask them to fill in and let me send out some of the things they write.

It's a win-win situation. I only have to edit the format a bit and you get much better content.

So let me start in this issue with a post from Curtis "Ovid" Poe.

Curtis "Ovid" Poe

The Perl community in general is quite familiar with his name but also others on this list, who are not Perl developers already know some of his work.

He is the original author of Test::Harness 3.x that processes the TAP streams mentioned in TAP - Test Anything Protocol

So Ovid is a central figure of the Perl world especially the Perl testing world.

Currently he works for the BBC. He is also on the Advisory Board of The Parrot Foundation on behalf of the BBC.

How many test harnesses are too many?

Now instead of copying publishing his notes here, let me link to what Ovid writes about How many test harnesses are too many?

Comments and Discussion

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This entry was first sent out as part of the Test Automation Tips. Visit here to subscribe.

Published on 2008-11-26 by Gabor Szabo
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