How other languages do it?

Some people asked how communities of other languages deal with the issues I raised in my grant proposal Unfortunately it seems that some not all the comments submitted to that blog reach Karen for approval.

Specifically I have submitted this one already three times and she has not seen it yet. If you have submitted any comment there, please check if it has appeared and if not, please post it somewhere else. Maybe in your blot or as a response to this blog.

Now to the other languages:

As far as I can tell the PHP community does not have any Foundation (but it has Zend behind it). Ruby seem to have a hardly working Ruby Association. Both of these languages are used by lots of small companies making money directly from the use of the language or platforms built on the language.

Lua has a corporate sponsorship program but I don't see a lot of details about it. As far as I can tell it is mostly supported by the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. See About Lua for links.

Python have the Python Software Foundation that I analyzed in "Python Software Foundation" a bit a few weeks ago. As you can see Allison Randal is on the board of PSF and she is also on t he board of TPF so maybe she can tell us a few words on how this works at the Python Foundation. There are also quite a number of small companies using Python as part of their core business and as far as I know Google also directly supports it.

Parrot also has a Parrot Foundation with an Advisory board.

I don't see hundreds of individuals and small companies making money using Perl. There are a few but as far as I can tell it is mostly used in large companies and many people are using it as part of the toolset not as the main tool.