How to get the Perl Weekly every day?

No, no! I am not wrapping time yet.

I am just trying to smooth the production of the Weekly Perl newsletter.

So I have started to post news items as I read them.

If you would like to get updates more frequently than the weekly newsletter then this might be for you.

Social networks

I have been experimenting with the various "social networks" for a while. I don't claim to understand how to use them, but I think I have a direction.

I have set up a Facebook page, a Google+ page, and a Twitter account for the Perl Weekly.

Now, when I am reading Perl related news or blog posts, and I think it might be worth sharing I'll post on these accounts. Some of these will end up in the following edition of the Perl Weekly.

Why follow?

So why is it good for you to follow either of these?

  • If you are not subscribed to the Perl Weekly then this is a good way to follow it. Without using e-mail.
  • If you are already subscribed, this way you will be able to get some of the items much earlier. Many times soon after they get published.
  • It is much easier to share the items with your followers/circles/friends if the items were already posted on the social network.
  • It is a much easier way for you to recommend the Perl Weekly itself, if you feel so.

A little warning though. Most likely, the same links will be posted on all 3 channels. So if you follow more than one, please don't complain that I post the same stuff on all of them. Furthermore, I might even post the same link more than once on the same channel. That's partially for people who are reading it in different times and partially due to my memory leak.

The extra challenge

In addition to post the link of the news item or blog post, I'll also try to find the nickname or the real-name of the author and link to their account in the respective social networks. That way you, the reader will be able to quickly decide to follow that person as well.

OTOH if I miss it, you can comment on my post with the correct attribution.

Why is it good for Gabor?

I am not sure. I might be shooting myself in the foot by allowing people to follow the newsletter without subscribing to the list. It is less commitment on the part of the readers which might mean less interest.

OTOH this way I might be able to reach more people with the news items in a more timely manner.

In the end this is just a big experiment for me, if Perl-related news are interesting enough to attract a large group of followers.

What now?

So go ahead, check out one or more of the pages and follow, like, or circle the Perl Weekly.