How to measure the success of Strawberry Jam?

I uploaded it, blogged about it, tweeted it, sent a few e-mails. Now what? How can I really measure its impact? How can I know if it is any good?

Quantitative measurement

Even the quantitative measurement is hard but let's try that for now.

I can look at the download counter.

For the previous package that was called "strawberry-plus-padre-0.63.msi" we had an average of 50 downloads/day through the past 11 months.

See the download count

The official Strawberry Perl had about 800 downloads/day since the latest release on 19 May. It came out in 3 flavors, the division is approximately 55 - 670 - 75 for - - respectively.

OTOH if I am not mistaken the historic average of Strawberry since February 2010 is about 390/day (~ 180,000/465 )

v3 of Padre on Strawberry was uploaded 4 days ago and there were 340 downloads since then. An average of 85 / day. It is certainly some increase compared to the historical numbers but it will flatten out. A month from now we will see clearer.

Unfortunately "download" does not mean "keeps using" but I think this is the best we can get today.

We might offer some server side service for this package that will encourage people to register. That might provide us with better numbers.

How else could I measure the success than a larger number of downloads? And what could be described as success?

Let's say I'd be happy to see an overall increase of "plain" Strawberry + Padre-on-Strawberry.

The name

Last time I suggested to call it Strawberry with cream but several people pointed out that there is a vim package which is called Cream. So that's not good.

Then someone on Reddit suggested Strawberry Jam. That sound like a good idea. Both as the food and as in Jam Session.

Strawberry Jam Session

Where all the CPAN modules play together.

Sounds OK but maybe I need something totally unrelated to Strawberries and Perl.