How to run an Open Source Project

I still need to continue my notes I started to take in Padre - the journey I. but for now I thought I'll look around what do other say about how to manage an Open Source Project.

Earlier, while I have been involved in projects its mostly either small things I did alone or projects where I was a was not paying too much attention to how people lead it. Actually I see a bit how the Perl 5 Porters work, how Pugs was developed. I even looked at the Subversion development for a while but they are really all so different.

I was looking for something that already collects the wisdoms of others.

First I searched for "how to lead an open source project" but it did not bring be the expected results. The next search was "how to run an open source projects" that already brought me some interesting content.

Here is what I found so far.

A few short notes especially related to the development side by Daniel Brookshier

The slides of Sebastiaan Deckers can be flipped through though I'd like to hear or read the actually talk. The points cover a lot more areas beyond just the development such as licensing and promotion. It would be nice to see this expanded.

Adam Wiggins has collected some tidbits from Producing Open Source Software by Karl Fogel.

That's great. For some time I was following the Subversion project and when people ask me about how Open Source projects are managed (what do they think?) I often point at Subversion as a project with very tight and strong management.

So that's it. I should be reading this book now.