I need a name for a Perl distribution

In the past 2 months I released several versions of a Perl super package that included most of the Modern and Enlightened parts of Perl and lots of other modules. I tried to give it all kinds of names but none of them is really good.

It is currently called Padre on Strawberry Perl but in reality it should not have neither Padre nor Strawberry in it. Padre is just one tool in it and while it is built on top of Strawberry it would be better to avoid any confusion.

(Besides, while it is currently Windows only, I'll try to build something similar for Linux and Mac as well).

I saw recent suggestions by Peter Shangov on Perl, Names and World Domination but he probably have not seen this project. BTW I think he is describing about the same thing that Strawberry Professional will be. (The thing that was once had the code name Chocolate Perl). Tempire suggested Raptor for that package Peter was thinking about but that's not my pet.

So I am looking for a name.

The plan is to create a package that will include everything one would normally need to build an application. One that would also include applications.

I sent out a call to the wxPerl list for people to build useful GUI applications to be included in this distribution.

I talked to the SDL people that I'd like to include more games.

I started to look around for web applications that could be bundled.

So I am looking for a name.

Any suggestions?