Ideas for Padre plugins

Two days ago Adam Kennedy announced the Vertical Metre of Beer 3 - The Padre Plugin Contest!. While no doubt some of you will have extraordinary ideas, other might want read suggestions. So let me give a few ideas for Padre Plugins:


While Adam has written that only new plugins could participate I guess anyone could upload a plugin called SVNx and implement and SVN plugin even though there is already a hardly functioning SVN plugin for Padre on CPAN: Padre::Plugin::SVN. I'd rather not encourage that so I guess Adam will not be too angry with me if we allowed the reuse of at least some of the existing plugins. After all, if someone turns the current proof-of concept SVN plugin into a really useful one that would be a nice thing.

So while I cannot say anything about the Git plugin but if anyone wants to take over the SVK or the SVN plugins just contact me.

Vi and Emacs

Aaron Trevena has been working on an Emacs plugin but I think he has not released any of the code yet. On the other hand there is a half baked Vi plugin I started to write. It would be really nice if someone could turn it into something that is already usable!

Code refactoring tool

I just started to work at a new client and the first thing I had to do is clean up a lot of duplicate code with functions that are either identical or almost identical. It would be a really nice plugin that could help me index a code base, find the functions with the same name. Check if they are identical or very similar and help eliminate the duplicate code.

I just posted a note about this on PerlMonks.

code visualization

A plugin to visualize a code base using the Class::Sniff of Ovid.

CGI::Application, Titanium, Reaction helper

There is already a Padre::Plugin::Catalyst to help developing Catalyst based applications. What about one that would help developing an application using CGI::Application, Titanium or Reaction ?

WebGUI ?

The same for the WebGUI of Plainblack

Remote editing via ftp/scp

Many people need to edit files located on a remote machine. Most of the high-end editors and IDE-s allow to open a file via ftp/scp.

Remote execution via telnet/ssh

When the file is located on a remote server usually we don't even have a local environment to run the code on. So what about allowing to run the code on the remote server via telnet or ssh?

An integrated solution to record and replay web browsing activity?

There are several commercial web testing tools that provide a record/replay tool and then allow you to extend it with Visual Basic. On CPAN there are several really cool tools to have the extension part and we even have some record/replay tools but they all need lots of setup and configuration work.

Most of the companies buy the commercial tools because the nice integration even though in the end they will only use the record/replay part to kick-start the testing.

What about writing a plugin that will contain a default setup of these tools with possible a few options accessible from the GUI? that way we could get the attention of the decision makers and have our nice tools used even more.

Test running/TAP visualization

Padre can already run your tests but it is only a proof of concept. It just prints out the TAP as it receives it. It would be very nice if the user could select which tests to run. If the results were displayed in a nicer way in the GUI etc.

Plugin written in Perl 6

I have no idea here. Anything, just write it in Perl 6.

Just start writing

I am sure there are tons of way cooler ideas out there that could be implemented as Plugins of Padre. Go ahead show us the code!

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Published on 2009-05-04 by Gabor Szabo