Improving the Moose experience

I just recommended Moose to foxfirefey who looked at the Moose page and told me the following:

This poor Moose page is not enlightening me much. I don't know what a postmodern object system, and then it links to a very long talk that has nothing to do with Moose. And I see the word roles and then it makes me kind of embarrassed, because I don't know what they are, but it feels like I should if I'm a halfway decent CS person

I would add Isn't 1999, kinda old?

foxfirefey went on:

I do like the Moose layout background a lot. It's pretty. And the site itself looks very good, and that's a good mark of a module that cares about itself, that somebody thought it was important enough to make a pretty site for.

So here a few ideas that might help:

I think that page might be better if it included

  • A list of features that people knowing object oriented understand
  • Links to short explanations of phrases that might need explanation, eg. roles
  • A simple example on the main page
  • A prominent link to a very short tutorial. (5-10 pages).
  • More links to other selected tutorials, screencasts, slides and recorded talks

I worry that the link to the article about the post modern object system on is going to mislead other people as well, so I'd probably make that less prominent.The chronological list of articles is good for history but not useful to someone who is just interested in what Moose is. So it might be better if the site was pointing out the few important articles and have the chronological list lower or another page.

mst suggested to add a promotional link to the #moose channel on so you can talk to people there and a link to the git repo of the Moose web site if you'd like to patch it.

Published on 2009-08-29 by Gabor Szabo