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People at Tech conferences: Hikes and Nature

People over Tools.

Tech conferences are great to listen to presentations and to mingle with fellow engineers, but usually they don't provide a good place to really get to know each others. Attendees, and especially the speakers have little time to talk to each individual.

Having a much more relaxed environment can have a substantial impact on communication that can lead to cooperation.

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Code Maven Workshops


On Wednesday, 24th January 2018 Your First Open Source contribution Workshop in the Google Campus in Tel Aviv.

On Sunday, 28th January 2018 Mob programming in the Yuda Youth Center in Modiin.

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New Year's resolutions are the Waterfall methodology

New Year's resolution are really old school. These days you better do retrospectives.

In case you don't know what is that Waterfall, it is one of the software development methodologies that has a the following stages:

  1. Capture Requirements
  2. System Analysis
  3. Design
  4. Coding
  5. Testing
  6. Being Late
  7. Dumping the project

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Questions for assessing the DevOps needs of a company

If your company is looking for DevOps training, here are a few questions I am going to ask:

  • What technologies do you use? (operating systems, programming languages, databases)
  • What kind of products and services do you have? (Web?, Desktop?, Server on premise of the client? Mobile?)
  • Do you use any virtualization in the company? What kind of virtualization?
  • How do you configure your servers today?
  • How many developers do you have? How many QA people? How many sysadmins?
  • Do you use any cloud-based services? Which ones? Do you plan using cloud services?
  • What version control system do you use?
  • Do you have nightly builds?
  • How do you test the products/services? (Manual QA? Automated tests?)
  • How do you release and/or deploy today?

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State of Version Control System of Python modules: 32.95% no link to VCS found

According to the PyDigger stats I've been collecting for a while, 32.95% of the modules on PyPI don't have a reference to their GitHub repository. That's 22,575 modules (out of the 68,514 I've indexed so far).

The about page now describes that the information about version control system is extracted from the JSON file provided for each module by PyPI and that it can only recognize GitHub.

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