Iron Man Blogging contest

After 2 days of Perl Workshop and 3 days of Hackathon I am still in Oslo, giving my Test Automation training which does not leave me with enough energy to write blog posts with real content.

So I just link to the announcement of Matt Trout titled We Are Iron Man. Those who know Matt can already expect the style of the language so you won't be surprised, to anyone else, don't read that post if you are easily offended by harsh language.

I am really unsure if there is any added value to that style of language. I am quite sure he is not using it when talking to customers so I wonder if it is good to use it in a blog post that is about public relations...

Anyway I think the idea is good. I am looking forward to see how many people out there are blogging about Perl related subjects and who will link to who?

Published on 2009-04-23 by Gabor Szabo