Is Lotus Notes still alive?

Yesterday I made the mistake and signed up to ZDNet so I can comment on an article. I made sure and unchecked all the boxes asking if I want to get various newsletters from them and offers from their commercial partners but still I started to receive their daily newsletter. I think I already got 3 in the last 18 hours which makes their days very short.

Anyway an e-mail junky as I am I flipped through their message and suddenly saw a familiar name:


I was surprised. I have not heard it for a long time. I did not know Lotus Notes is still alive. So I searched for it and found that there is a huge family of Lotus products parked in a corner of the IBM warehouse.

I am not saying it excited me but I had some nostalgic feeling for the good old days when I used Lotus 1-2-3.

Anyway, after some time I spent with this I finally clicked through the original article just to find another Lotus.


Frankly I have no idea how does this relate to Perl but I need it in the text so the IronMan will pick up the post.

Or maybe there is an analogy?


As apparently there was already at least one person who thought I am gaming the Ironman system with no good reason. Let me assure you, just as I wrote as a response to the blog, I really had a good reason. I do think there is an analogy and I think it is important for the Perl community to see this.

I am sorry if was not clear from the original post.

Published on 2010-11-16 by Gabor Szabo