Israeli Perl Workshop on February 25, 2013

This year we were a bit in stealth mode with the organization of the Israeli Perl Workshop, but it is not late to talk about it a bit.

The workshop will take place on February 25, 2013 in the Shenkar College in Ramat Gan.

The schedule of the workshop is finally available. 19 talks in two tracks.

The full price is 190 NIS, but with the early-bird discount you can get in for 90 NIS. That is less than a ticket to the movies with pop-corn!

And you get a vegan lunch at the Perl Workshop!

It was surprisingly tasty last year.

Besides the regular intermediate-advanced Perl talks, this year we are going to have two set of other, interesting talks. Let me point out a few of them:

Perl Beginners

Sawyer X helping beginners start using the modern features of Perl.

Dotan Dimet scripting best practices.

The big world outside Perl

Getting hooked on Git by Sawyer X.

Opinionated frameworks by Ilan Arad

Database free Applications by Ido Kanner


MongoDB for Perl Developers by Ynon Perek.

Early bird

Remember the early bird discount is only available till February 17th 2013. Register now, and make sure your payment arrives before the 17th so you can enjoy the Israeli Perl Workshop.

Published on 2013-02-11 by Gabor Szabo