Italki number of tutors per language

I used italki a lot to find native Spanish speaker to practice the language. Along the way I found a lot of interesting people.

Recently I got interested in Ladino, but there are no Ladino tutors on italki. So I was wonder how many tutors are for other languages. Here is a partial table:

Language Tutors
English 7683
Spanish 3831
Chinese (Mandarin) 1781
French 1287
Russian 1194
Japanese 1170
Italian 1029
Portuguese 684
German 646
Arabic 436
Korean 404
Filipino (Tagalog) 266
Turkish 258
Persian (Farsi) 161
Polish 147
Ukrainian 136
Hindi 135
Greek 100
Dutch 99
Vietnamese 96
Indonesian 84
Catalan 75
Hebrew 64
Swahili 63
Czech 60
Romanian 57
Swedish 56
Hungarian 51
Afrikaans 41
Norwegian 21
Danish 21
Finnish 17
Zulu 17
Armenian 16
Latin 14
Esperanto 13
Greek Ancient 12
Kurdish 8
Welsh 7
Icelandic 6
Turkmen 6
Basque 5
Igbo 4
Quechua 3
Irish Gaelic 3
Amharic 2
Scottish Gaelic 1
Yiddish 1
Guambiano 0
Cherokee 0
Hawaiian 0
Navajo 0
Judeo-Tat 0
Ladino 0

There are 6 subgroups of Arabic, I don't know if the one called "Arabic" includes all of them or if that is a separate category.

Same with Chinese.

There are a lot more languages. I picked the "most popular" ones according to italki, the onese that have a course on Duolingo, and a few others of my personal interest.

In this report there is no indication how many classes these people have. How many of them are really active and having a lot of classes and how many only get a few in a month.

There are also 7 people offering lessons in "Other" language.