Jerusalem, the capital of Israel

Dear Friends!

You say you are committed to the two-state solution: Israel and Palestine.

You say you are committed to the '67 borders of Israel.

You know that West-Jerusalem, where the Knesset is (the parliament of Israel), where the governmental offices are was part of Israel before the 6-day war in 1967.

So according to this you are committed of West-Jerusalem being part of Israel.

You support the right of every country, even Israel, to put it own capital wherever it likes within its borders.

So if you accept (and even demand) the '67 borders then it is logical you need to support the decision of Israel to have Jerusalem as its capital.

In every other country your embassy is in the capital of the hosting country.

So I guess it is just natural that you will want your country to move its embassy to West-Jerusalem.

Thank you, and have a nice day too!

Published on 2018-05-14 by Gabor Szabo