Keeping the code clean in a large Perl project

In the Padre we have been using Perl::Tidy to make sure the code looks the same around the whole project. It is not perfect but we felt that it is better to have a not perfect standard than to hope that everyone will write in the same nice way.

We have project wise Perl::Tidy configuration file and a script in our tools directory that will go over all the files and tidy them.

In order to make it easy to separate real code changes from purely layout changes we used to have perl tidy runs once in a while. This of course generated big changes at those times and "svn blame" is now less usable because of that.

So recently we started to discuss the possibility to change the strategy and to run perltidy on every commit.

The assumption is that if everyone does this then every tidy will only effect the code s/he just changed so it won't make it harder to see the actual change. On the other hand it will eliminate the big tidy changes.

We even discussed the possibility to run automatic perltidy on the code and check it in to the repository.

We don't yet have a final decision so I'd be interested to know how other people handle this?

I assume in project where there is only one developer this is a non-issue.

How do larger projects handle it?

Published on 2011-03-01 by Gabor Szabo