Lack of achievement

There are days when I manage to do a lot of things and I feel really well and then there are day when I feel a total lack of achievements. One of the reasons I started this Daily task was to make sure every day I put something on the table.

Well, so far this did not give me the real satisfaction I was hoping for. As you can see in the archive I did not post every day, and some of the posts were, I think, really only interesting to me.

At one point I thought I maybe should have a technical post or video every day. Something that more likely will some value to someone. Maybe not right when I publish it, but a few months or maybe even a few years later when they find it as a solution to a problem they face.

However writing such posts and recording videos is not an easy task. Especially when I also have clients with who I spend quite a lot of my time.

Luckily many times the work at the client also gives a sense of achievement, but not always. There are plenty of days when we try to make some changes, add a feature or better yet remove some unused code. Adding a bunch of tests or refactoring an application also counts, but sometime we just get bogged down in some problem and we can't solve it. It seems hard, but many times it is just some silly thing that was not configured as we expected. Nevertheless we (or just I) waste a ton of time and sometimes we don't even find the solution in the same day.

That's when I need to switch to something else where there are low-hanging fruits so I can at least feel I have finished that thing.

Unfortunately many time when I switch to some other task that seems to be easy, then turns out to be also difficult. It might be that my frustration with the previous lack of success hinders my capability to solve this other problem.

It might be that switching to something else itself takes an effort and I am already out my powers by the time I try to switch to something else.

In any case I have some examples to prepare today for my clients to use later in their projects. I hope I'll be able to create them and publish an article showing them.