Update on the licenses and the repository links on CPAN

About a month ago I checked how many recent CPAN uploads had license information in the META files and how many had links to public version control systems holding the source of those modules.

Today I checked it again.

The numbers are quite similar.

Total checked : 1000

License found: 83.4%, missing 16.6%

Repos found: 49.7%, missing: 50.3%

I wonder if there was no impact because many people did not read these post, or they don't think this is important? I even posted it on the module-authors mailing list.

Maybe if someone else also mentioned this?

In any case, if you'd like to check your modules you can use the example I showed how to fetch META data from Meta CPAN, that is also distributed in MetaCPAN::Clients.

If you'd like to update them, here are two articles showing how to link to your version control system and how to add the license field to the META files.