LinkedIn polls - first experiment

LinkedIn recently added the possibility to run polls. Immediately everyone around me started to create polls, but I don't like that type of "gold rush" so I waited.

A few days ago finally I got the idea to try it for the first time.

A ran a poll in the DevOps professionals group that has 26,656 members.

In the poll I asked

What would you like to read about? (Add more in comments)

and the options were

  • Ansible
  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • Kubernetes

LinkedIn poll

I published it on a Wednesday and I configured the poll to run for 7 days. The first 2 days I got over 200 responses, 5 likes and a single comment. (The other 2 are from me) On the 3rd day it was already burried by other post so I think people stopped seeing it and stopped voting.

As you can see I did not include a link to my DevOps page, but after 2 days or so I added a comment with a link to the page.

Besides the insight, that the respondents are interested in Kubernetes more than anything else I also got 2-3 followers on my DevOps and a few people connected with me directly.

In that regard the post was quite unsuccessful as I was hoping for more followers.

A few ideas for future polls

Only provide 3 real choices and let the 4th be "Other. Please let know in the comment".

Include a link to my LinkedIn page in the body of the post of the poll.

Set the poll to expire after 3 days.