London Perl Workshop and the Perl Ecosystem Group

I needed an excuse to visit London and to go to a real pub there. The opportunity to listen to the presentations at the London Perl Workshop did not convince my children. Nor my wife.

So I had to come up with the idea that I am going to give a lightning talk there about the TPF Events Group and the Perl Ecosystem Group.

I will also try to setup meetings at companies that are using Perl a lot. I hope I can learn from them how the Perl Ecosystem Group could help them and to sign up some of them as members.

I still owe you the blog post about it but in that regard my visit to T-Dose was very successful.

So now, I'll need to get in touch with as many Perl-using companies as possible in London and maybe even outside of London. Get them interested in discussing their needs regarding Perl and setup meetings.

Luckily I have some of my slides already prepared as I gave similar talks both at YAPC::NA and YAPC::EU this year. I still need to add the part about the Perl Ecosystem Group.

So my wife agreed as she knows how important this project is to me and she is the understanding type.

I'll still need to find some presents for my children though.