Looking for a Perl related job?

If you are looking for a Perl related job I am sure you already know about jobs.perl.org. You might say there are not many job posts there or that there are no posts there from your country. So here is a suggestions that might help both you and the others in the Perl community.

Use whatever service to locate companies that need a Perl programmer, eg. use indeed.com or whatever is used in your country. For every company you find that is looking for a Perl programmer, write an e-mail and tell them they can post their open position on jobs.perl.org free of charge.

Do this in the header mail of your application. By helping the recruiter in her/his task to find a Perl programmer and by showing you are not afraid of them finding other people you will immediately increase your chances to be invited to an interview.

Do this even if you don't want to apply to them specifically. That can help another Perl programmer and the Perl community in general.