Marketing and Sales funnel

If you don't know what they are, just search for the term sales funnel or marketing funnel.

They are basically interchangeable terms for the idea that

many people might be potential buyers
   fewer will ever hear about you
      fewer will visit your site
         fewer will register
            fewer will

You see that looks like a triangle, but it is actually a funnel.

In terms of my online training business: (Sorry I could not make it look like a funnel. Not even if you squint.)

  1. There are millions of potential buyers
  2. Some will for something for which my content will show up in their search (either naturally or because of a paid ad)
  3. Fewer will click on the link.
  4. Fewer will register on the site.
  5. Fewer will buy something.

But this "funnel" idea is a bit too simple for what's going on.

People will probably need to repeatedly arrive to the site to start feeling a connection, to start trusting the site or me, behind the site.

I have several products. There are books that are rather low-cost one-off purchases. They are also not on the site, so they won't generate registration.

Going backwards

I am not sure how does this happen with others, but I already have the upper part of the sales funnel working reasonably well. My web-sites have a decent amount of visitors, and some of them are repeated visitors.

Some numbers from Google Analytics for May 2020:

  • Code Maven 229,000 unique page-views by 165,500 users
  • Perl Maven 140,000 unique page-views by 67,200 users
  • PyDigger 10,642 unique page-view by 9,000 users

So the visitors are there, now I need to convert them to registered users and to paying subscribers.

The thing is, if I'd like people to register I need to give them some incentive and if I'd like them to buy something I need to have a product that they want.

Right now I have some books, but I have almost no content available for the would be subscribers.