Measuring progress while learning Ladino

I published my thoughts on the projects for Learning Ladino but I was still not satisfied with content.

I think my main issue is that I don't see my progress.

I know learning a (human) language takes a long time - months to be able to start speaking and then years to reach a level where you don't feel totally embarrassed by the mistakes you make. Above 50 it is probably a lot harder than when someone is young and I also don't think I am particularly good at learning languages.

I know, it might be strange given that I speak 3 languages quite well and I can also get by with Spanish, but it was and it still is a lot of effort.

With a programming language it is relatively easy. You get quasi immediate feedback from the compiler and in most programming languages after a few hours of learning you can already create stuff. After a few days or weeks you can already do quite a lot.

Learning a human language is a much longer process, it is difficult to get feedback and it takes months to be able to use the language even for the simplest things.

I think one of the great values of Duolingo - and I hope with LibreLingo we can improve that - is to provide immediate feedback. At least to your reading, writing, and listening skills. uTalk has a nice feature that can also give you a reasonable feedback for your speaking (pronunciation) capabilities.

They are both confined to pre-defined words and sentences and thus are a lot more limited than what you can do while learning a programming language, but they are still much better than being restrained to learning from a book only.

In addition what Duolingo provides is a feeling of progress. Every 10-15 questions you advance in your learning tree. So you have a visual effect that indicates you are making progress even if you cannot really feel it.

LibreLingo has some way to show progress, but more could be added.

I should probably also keep track of the number of words and phrases I have added to the Ladino courses in LibreLingo. That way I could measure that progress.

In addition I think the translation project could also help me see progress and it would also require me to add more "beginner-level" words to LibreLingo before I make progress to the more advanced words.

Sounds like a plan.