Methods and Messages: Randal Schwartz on Smalltalk

I mentioned in my journal entry that I'd like to write about and link to every other member of the Perl community. Oh that's starting to sound bad. Are those people special just because they use Perl?

Anyway, I had just seen the Methods and Messages blog in which Randal Schwartz writes about Smalltalk

I met Randal during YAPC::NA::2008 in Chicago when we went to Due which is apparently the second of the Unos, some local famous Italian restaurant. He talked a lot about Smalltalk, err.

So anyway, while he does not write a lot about Smalltalk, it might be worth checking out.

But beware as that blog leads to places such as Squeakland, the home of Etoys which can be a huge drain on your time.

Published on 2009-02-16 by Gabor Szabo