Mid-year resolution 2013

In think New Year's resolutions are about what people want to change in their life. So what are mid-year resolutions about?

Are they about what to continue to do?

In this year so far I managed to bring the Perl Maven site from 1,000 daily visitors to 2,200 and then back to 1,000 again.

I am doing the first part again.

I've started to follow the writings of JT Smith. Some of his advice even fits my situation.

One thing, that I think he already helped me is that I think I have a better focus for the Perl Maven site. At least in my mind. Instead of helping "everyone to use Perl", I'll focus more on people who write applications.

Both people who build the applications for a company, and people who build applications for their own start-up/company.

So far I was following a bottom-up strategy with the Perl Maven site. Building up the content for people who start from 0 Perl knowledge. That's where the Perl Tutorial fits. While I will want to keep building it, I also need to think about the needs of people who are further down the learning curve - the articles about Moo already fit that group of readers, but I also need to add a sort-of top-down approach. Looking at applications and then writing how to build and market those applications.

Oh yes, I guess if I really want to help people build their own Perl-based products and companies, then I'll need to help them with the business side as well. That will be even harder than writing the application as I don't have a lot of experience in that field. I will have to follow a "teach as you learn" approach. Which is actually not bad.

I think this is going to be enough "mid-year resolution" for the next 6 month...

Published on 2013-07-02 by Gabor Szabo