Missing Perl projects

I am subscribed to Open Source.com newsletter. The other day, in their message there were two articles included I wanted to put in my public bookmarking.

Unfortunately I don't have a public bookmark system.

So I kept the e-mail around till I write one. I've already looked at this e-mail 3 or 4 times, and every time I had the urge to start writing this application I want so much. This web application that would allow me to write my blog entries. That would allow me to have both public and private bookmarks. Something where I could post both long articles, and short, even Tweatable, statuses that could the automatically be posted on my Twitter or Facebook account.

Something in Perl.

Every time when I have the urge to start building this, it takes some effort to remind myself that this is a big project and I am already in the middle of several, big projects and maybe I should finish one of them before starting a new one.

But this e-mail is still in my in-box. I don't want to delete it. I don't want to file it away. I just would like to put the links from that e-mail on my public bookmarking system.

Which I sill don't have.

Last chance for sanity. I just write this down, and put the links here listing a number of missing Perl projects:

Five open source alternatives to popular web apps

Top 3 open source alternatives to Google Analytics