Nerd Fitness WTF?

In the last couple of weeks I found out how to listen to podcasts while driving or while my doing my regular walk-around-the-block thing.

Recently I found the IBM podcast, and listened to episode #167, an interview with Steve Kamb.

He runs a web site called Nerd Fitness.

Some of you know that for a while I used to run as an exercise (and I recall I hated it when I was a kid), but in the last year or so I stopped running and started walking. I like to monitor it using RunKeeper. I like to compete. Especially with myself.

That way I have a chance of winning. At least some of the times.

Anyway, listening to the Internet Business Mastery podcasts feels useful. Especially as I am trying to build my own Perl Empire. (Or should I call it the Perl Rebellion?)

Then listening to this episode, with Steve Kamb was especially fun, as he combined two thing that are unrelated.

At least in the stereotype.

Nerds and health.

I signed up to Nerd Fitness. I really don't know what to expect, but I don't have much to loose.

Maybe a few pounds here and there.

Published on 2013-07-22 by Gabor Szabo