New life in SDL Perl

Is there anyone who never played Frozen Bubble? Is there anyone who does not know that it is written in Perl?

Apparently desktop game writing was not high on the agenda of the Perl programmers but it seems SDL_Perl, the Perl binding to Simple Directmedia Layer recently started a new life.

Work begun to improve the binding, a few new people got access to the web site so we started to update that too.

I think this can be yet another area where Perl could get people interested in the language and besides that it is way cool. So I took upon myself to try to help the project a bit. There are two areas where I can help.

Improve the SDL website

One of them is to improve the content of the website (not the look, that needs to be done by someone else). So the first thing I would like to do is to compile a list of projects already using SDL Perl. If you have such a project even a small one or a really new one, such as the Perl Invaders of Thomas Klausner, please let me know either here as a comment or on the SDL mailing list. I'll add a link to your project from the SDL web site.

An IDE for SDL development in Perl

The other area is helping to build a plugin for Padre that will make developing SDL applications really easy. The problem of course is that I never used SDL before and have no idea what extra help an SDL Perl developer might need but if you have ideas, please let me know or get on board and help building the plugin.