New Year's Resolution - every month

Many people have these New Year's Resolutions in which on first of January, partially intoxicated, commit themselves to make some important changes in their lives. They indeed start behaving according to new vision, but most of them will abandon their goal within a few weeks as it is hard to make lasting change.

I am not exception to this, but I think now I figured out what to do about it.

I have been writing my monthly reports for 5 months now. At first it was primarily about collecting what I have managed to do in the previous month with a short section with plans.

Today it occurred to me I should use this as my new month's resolution (or call it new moon's resolution if you prefer a moon-based calendar.) This can help me reset my resolution more frequently. Gather new energy that might last for 2-3, or maybe even 4 weeks. Just enough to keep me on track till the next report and the next resolution.

So I have updated the TODO section of my most recent report. Let's see how will this work.

Published on 2020-12-02 by Gabor Szabo