No good Perl for Win32 ?

I was trying to test the development version of Padre on Windows. Update from SVN and tried it on the currently installed ActivePerl:

  C:\gabor\padre\Padre>perl Makefile.PL
  Found     0.90
  The required 'nmake' executable not found, fetching it...
  Fetching 'Nmake15.exe' from 
     Can't locate object method "new" via package "URI" at C:/Perl/lib/HT
  TP/ line 80.

Not good.

But no problem, I remember Adam Kennedy has just released the first stable version of Strawberry Perl on a Stick. Strangely the main site only had link to the release candidates and not to the real release.

No problem, I know he announced it on use.perl

Now that's bad. According to the comment there, it cannot build XS modules.

So I cannot use ActivePerl nor the released version of Strawberry on a stick.

Reverting to the previous Strawberry RC that I still have somewhere on my computer...

All tests passing.

Published on 2009-02-24 by Gabor Szabo