Open learning and coding session

An "Open coding session" would be a session in which I work on some code and let other people watch me doing it. They might even be able to help writing the code with suggedtions.

After the webinar today a few people hanged around. I am not sure how much were they paying attention to what I was doin, but at lest one of them asked a quedtion about one of the code examples I wrote and pushed to GitHub.

First I spent some time updating the examples and the slides I changed during the presentation. Then I continued creating some Perl Dancer examples for Manwar that was probably less relevant to the people who came to the webinar to hear about testing in Python using pytest.

However, it was an interesting experience for me.

During the whole time my screen was shared and I think even my mic was open. This had some nice effects of making me more concious of what I am doing and to focus on what I am doing.

I can imagine scheduling similar "events" where people migh watch me code some examples or work on some open source code. They might even comment on the code or ask for clarification.

Recently I saw an example similar to this by tsoding. Specifically I saw part of this video Advent of Code 2020 \u2014 Day 12 in Perl. As I can see he has tons of these videos in many programming languages.

Now thinking about it, this idea of live coding might be used by many people on Twitch.

Anyway, I did not even finish this blog post I already configured OBS to be able to stream to my Twitch account, announced on Facebook and on LinkedIn that I plan to do an experiment Live learning/coding and started to do it.

Several people joined me. and 3 stayed till the end and helped me with various parts of my code.

The result is a video on Exploring BDD in Perl - using Test::BDD::Cucumber.

My plan now is to keep running such events whenever I try to learn something.

Published on 2021-02-04 by Gabor Szabo