OSCON Proposals rejected

All three of my OSCON talk proposals were rejected. I was quite disappointed. This is not the first time I submitted proposals and I already felt it is waste of time as it is not likely they will accept. I only submitted as a friend who was there last year encouraged me telling I am much better speaker than some of those who were in OSCON.

So its quite discouraging to be rejected again. Anyway as I can see Ovid got similar answers and he is way better than I am and his mother tongue is English so even that could not be an obstacle.

So I'll keep attending YAPCs in Europe. I might even visit YAPC::NA thought it is not likely. I'll see how the training in Oslo next week is going to work out and if it successful - that both the students like it and I get paid - then I should try to offer similar classes in other places in Europe as well.