OSDC Israel 2009 - Call for organizers

Yesterday night I could not sleep as I had to do some urgent work...

... so instead of doing that I asked √Čric Cholet to setup the website of OSDC Israel 2009.

I filled in some of the most important details and today I started to send out the first calls to get some people help in the organization.

Here is the message (more or less).

As you might have noticed after the successful OSDC Israel in 2006 I got so busy with work that in 2007 I could only organize a one day Perl Workshop right in the last minute. This year seem to pass without a conference but in the beginning of 2009 I'd like to have another OSDC in Israel.

If you happened to forget or never heard about it then OSDC stands for Open Source Developers' Conference. It originates from Australia just as the kangaroo and the koala bear.

In Israel it was the natural enlargement of the YAPCs (Yet Another Perl Conferences) that were held since 2003.

In the previous OSDC in 2006 there were about 200 visitors including Larry Wall, developer of Perl and Audrey Tang, developer of Pugs. They could select from about

  • 47.3% of Perl talks as the Perl community had been quite organized in the previous years already
  • 33.1% of Python talks as they just started to meet before the conference
  • 2 Ruby and
  • 0 PHP presentations.

Since then

  • the Perl community got more silent.
  • The Python mailing list and meetings have faded away.
  • The Ruby developers had a few meetings but then declared their mailing list to be dead just to have a surge of messages.
  • The PHP community while hardly has any messages on the mailing list have monthly meetings in Zend.

So things have changed in the Israeli Open Source communities.

In order to make this conference successful I need several people to help in the organization. I have started to list the needs for organizers on the conference web page. The details are being formed on organizers page.

In all the previous conferences people told me that being involved in the organization made the conference much more enjoyable. So if you want to enjoy the next conference and if you'd like to shape it to your taste then come and help organizing it. (Did that sound like only the organizers will enjoy it? ;-)

Published on 2008-07-01 by Gabor Szabo