Oslo Hackathon day -4

After early wakeup and the flight to Vienna I was happy that though I only had 40 minutes for my connection flight to Oslo but I made it. I even waited a few minutes for the flight.

Not only that, but my luggage also arrived in Oslo where Kai was already waiting for me. After a 30 minutes ride on the train (160 NOK, wow!) we arrived at the central station from where we took a street car (or tram) to the offices of Linpro where my classes are going to be and where the QA Hackathon is going to take place.

There we met Salve and looked around. Very nice facility. I could hook up my computer to the projector immediately but the wireless did not work. As I found out later, it probably helps if I turn it on on my computer ... Tomorrow I'll see if it works in Linpro.

The rooms are nice with lots of light which is usually not that cool with projectors but it is not bright sunny as it is quite clouded now.

After our visit we took the street car back to Hotel Best Western Anker, where I am going to stay. We got a code to be used to hook up the computers to the wifi that Kai and Salve managed immediately with their Windows. I had trouble with Ubuntu but here was that I found out that I need to turn on the wireless in my computer.

OK, I hardly slept 3 hours tonight. I can use this as an excuse.

We had a nice walk around the city with Kai. Salve is preparing himself for some serious diving, so he did not come with us.

The only part where I actually managed to take out my camera was the dinner. I can report the beer is good (but very, I mean very expensive). The food is interesting. We had:

Dinner in Oslo