Padre 0.34 Released

I was a bit too busy with the Nordic Perl Workshop and the Perl 6 hackathon after that so this release got a bit delayed but I am happy to announce now that v0.34 of Padre, the Perl IDE has been released.

The full list of changes can be found here.

Some of the highlights are

  • Support for plugin l10n in place.
  • Added Preferences->Run Parameters panel instead of Perl->Run Parameters menu option.
  • Stop refreshing the menus on every keystroke. Instead when the menu is being accessed.
  • Sessions support.
  • Enable tool-tips on the toolbar on Windows as well.
  • Plugin manager correctly localized at startup.
  • Plugin manager displaying full plugin names.
  • Double-clicking on an error now selects the line.

Please report any test failure via the padre-dev mailing list or via our bug tracker.


Published on 2009-04-28 by Gabor Szabo