Padre 0.37 released

Without fanfare, v0.37 of Padre has been released.

The list of changes based on the Changes file:

  • "Introduce Temporary Variable" refactoring tool (SMUELLER)
  • Added a friendly icon on the toolbar to toggle comments (GARU)
  • Crazy Win32::API AllowSetForegroundWindow hack to allow the Single Instance Server to correctly foreground itself (ADAMK)
  • Added Padre::Search search and replace API (ADAMK)
  • Switching to last edited file is now Ctrl-Shift-p (SZABGAB)
  • Be compatible with older version of File::Path (RYAN52)
  • Links to Mibbit were replaced by links to our irc.html (SZABGAB)
  • Merged the code of Padre::Plugin::Encode into Padre (SZABGAB)
  • Update directory only when switching to new editor (SZABGAB)

Soon it should arrive to a CPAN mirror near you.

Enjoy and thanks to all the people who put effort in Padre!