Padre 0.39 released

I am happy to announce the release of v0.39 of Padre, the Perl IDE.

The list of changes as taken from the Changes file.

  • Some of the refactoring code was moved to PPIx-EditorTools (MGRIMES)
  • Detection of Moose attributes in Outline view (JQUELIN)
  • Detection of MooseX::POE events in Outline view (JQUELIN)
  • Added keywords to META.yml (via Makefile.PL.) (SHLOMIF)
  • Bumped the required Test::More version to 0.88 - needed for note(). (SHLOMIF)
  • Open Selection (ctrl-Shift-O) now displays all the files it finds and lets the user select (SZABGAB)
  • Eliminate crash when pressing F3/F4 while there are no open files (#421) (SZABGAB)
  • Enable/Disable Window menu options when there are (no) open files. (#417) (SZABGAB)
  • For Cut/Copy/Paste/Select All, use the focused textctrl instead of the editor textctrl (RSN)
  • Autoupgrade ascii files to be utf-8 on save if user types in wide characters (#304) (SZABGAB)
  • Allow the user to use external (xterm) to run the scrips. (SZABGAB)
  • Add menu option to show selection as hexa or as decimal. (#36) (SZABGAB)
  • Switch to Locale::Msgfmt and generate the .mo files at install time (RSN)
  • Add number of lines to GoTo line dialog (#439) (SZABGAB)

Soon it should arrive to a CPAN mirror near you.

Enjoy and thanks to all the people who put effort in Padre!

Published on 2009-07-09 by Gabor Szabo