Padre 0.48 released

I am happy to announce the release of version 0.48 of Padre, the Perl IDE

Padre is written in Perl and it aimed to be the best editor for writing Perl scripts and applications. Both in Perl 5 and in Perl 6.

Thanks to the many contributors, in the recent versions it gained a very good help system for both major versions of Perl.

Padre has a plug-in system that allows easy extension of the application with just a few lines of Perl code.

This release was started by Ryan Niebur who made the previous two releases but he became busy and asked us to finish the release and replace him from now on. I jumped in and finished the release process and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank for Ryan the work he has done so far!

I'd also like to thank to the many contributors of Padre who made it possible. As you can see from the changes file most of the changes in this release were made by Sebastian Willing (SEWI) and Ahmad M. Zawawi (AZAWAWI) with a few other changes by Adam Kennedy (ADAMK), Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN), Peter Lavender (PLAVEN, waxhead), myself (SZABGAB) and probably a few others who have forgotten to add themselves to the changes file.


Padre can be installed from CPAN, but Windows users an easier and faster way is to install the Stand Alone version of Padre which is based on v0.45 and then upgrade. For detailed instructions see the download page of Padre.

For instructions on how to upgrade the Windows version see the howto page.

If you are interested how can you contribute to Padre, we have a page called getting involved in Padre


Published on 2009-10-14 by Gabor Szabo