Padre 0.49 released - Release early, release often

The mantra of open source is to release early, release often.

In the last two months we are somewhat slow in releases as we had only 4 versions but as Padre is getting more mature that was expected. So the "release often" part got a bit less often but at least I released this version early. The timestamp was showing 5 am or so.

According to the Changes file version 0.49 of Padre, the Perl IDE contains mostly improvements made by Sebastian Willing (SEWI). Some work by Ahmad M. Zawawi (AZAWAWI)

New contributors are Arun G Nair (AGN) and Kartik Thakore (KTHAKORE), you know, the SDL Perl game hacker.


Padre can be installed from CPAN, but for Windows users an easier and faster way is to install the Stand Alone version of Padre which is based on v0.45 and then upgrade from CPAN. For detailed instructions see the download page of Padre.

For instructions on how to upgrade the Windows version see the howto page.

If you are interested how can you contribute to Padre, we have a page called, getting involved.

Enjoy and distribute!