Padre 0.55 Stand alone for Linux based on perl 5.11.4 released

Ricardo Signes (RJBS) has just announced the release of perl 5.11.4, the latest development version on the way to perl 5.12. Of much less significance but the Padre team has also released version 0.55 of Padre, you know, the Perl IDE. You can read about it in the announcement of Peter Lavender.

In order to make it easier for people to try those I built a new experimental version of the Stand Alone Padre for Linux.

It contains

  • perl 5.11.4
  • Padre 0.55
  • Padre::Plugin::PerlTidy
  • Padre::Plugin::PerlCritic
  • Padre::Plugin::Plack

During the build I encountered only one issue. A line in Pod::POM generates a warning about defined %hash being deprecated. As Parse::ErrorString::Perl, one of the dependencies of Padre is checking for errors using Test::NoWarnings, this module now fails to build. I had to manually patch Pod::POM in order to allow the installation of Parse::ErrorString::Perl.

In addition two major plugins of Padre failed to install:

Padre::Plugin::Perl6 has a deep dependency on YAML::LibYAML which fails and Padre::Plugin::Catalyst depends on Devel::Caller which currently fails on perl 5.11.4.

If you'd like to try it download perl-5.11.4-xl-0.03.tar.bz2 (29,804,273 bytes). Unzip it using

  tar xjf perl-5.11.4-xl-0.03.tar.bz2

and run the


Enjoy and report any issues!

Published on 2010-01-21 by Gabor Szabo