Padre on ActivePerl, at FOSDEM and at CeBIT - 2010 starts good

Adam Kennedy have outlined his plans for Padre for 2010. I don't have such long term plans. Being inpatient in this regard I am usually very bad at projects that take a lot of time to show any signs of life. In a way the Release soon, release often mantra of the open source world very much fits me.

Anyway, there are some Padre related news here:

Padre on ActivePerl on Windows

First of all thanks to Mark Dootson Padre 0.53 is now packaged for ActivePerl on Windows. In order to install it check the instructions on his ppm repository.

As he told me the padre.exe does not work there but the padre.bat does. I am not sure if this is related to the bug that Padre Stand Alone does not start first time after installation. or if it is some other issue but it is better to be aware of it.

If you are using ActivePerl on Windows now is your time to try it and let us know of any issues.

Padre on FOSDEM

FOSDEM is just a month away. My lightning talk proposal about Padre was accepted. That means I'll have 15 minutes to talk about it.

As you might have read we are also going to have a Perl stand there for which I am looking for people to help. We need to make sure there are always going to be at least 1 but better 2 people at the stand to talk to visitors. Explain about projects. Explain where Perl stands now. What is Perl 6 and when will it be ready. What is Moose. What is Catalyst. You know, there are going to be lots of questions.

On FOSDEM we will have to be prepared on how to talk to people who are very interested in Open Source and programming but has little - in the good case - or wrong information - in the bad case - about Perl.

Padre on CeBIT

This is not really any Padre issue though Padre will also be represented. Our application for a free Perl booth was accepted by the organizers of CeBIT. That means, a month after FOSDEM we have another event - no talks here just a booth - where we can show Perl and Perl related projects to visitors.

This is going to be entirely different from a Perl conference or from FOSDEM as CeBIT and its visitors are really far from the open source world. If on FOSDEM we will have to talk to people who understand our environment in general just not our language than on CeBIT we will talk to people many of whom don't know or care about open source or programming at all. They really just want the business value in our tools and products.

Published on 2010-01-05 by Gabor Szabo