Padre supporting technologies in addition to Perl

Looking at the results of the 2nd editor poll it seems that most of what perl developers do is web programming. This is probably just a side effect of both the very limited reach of the poll - mostly people reading my blog in one way or another - and the fact that not many other technologies were listed.

My hope with the poll was to create a short list of technologies we should focus on when thinking about improving Padre but after seeing the results and reading the comments, the poll was not really asking the right question.

Of course we would like to provide syntax highlighting to many languages and actually Padre already does in some level as we get it "free" from using Scintilla. We also want to make it easy to write your own syntax highlighter.

This is not the level of support I am thinking of. Hence the question of popularity of other technologies among Perl users is less important. What would be more important to know is what are the technologies people use that they need help with? For example I am not too familiar with CSS so when I write a CSS file it would be great to be able to fetch the list of attributes and possible values and even have some explanation next to it. Same with Javascript an JQuery and with PDL, the Perl Data Language

Just as we provide context sensitive help for both Perl 5 and Perl 6 and soon for PIR files as well, it would be great to have such help for languages we use less often.

If you are interested in helping in either of these extension, the Padre web site have directions how to reach us.